Aardoom Hoveniers' FirmusPERGOLA projet

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Aardoom Hoveniers' FirmusPERGOLA projet
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The Farel College schools community in Ridderkerk has commissioned Aardoom owner Dionysios Sofronas to design and landscape its grounds.
Part of this project required Aardoom Hoveniers to use  FirmusPERGOLA - a living, green wall -  to conceal an existing, grey wall from view.
This green wall has been planted with Hedera, which will grow and thicken in coming years, as well as attracting more fauna.  The flat, Firmus mat extending between the pergolas enables the green Hedera to spread and cover a broad area between the pillars. 

The challenge of 'greening' the school courtyard is tailor-made for Aardoom Hoveniers, a member of Dutch Quality Gardens. Increased bio-diversity and an intensified, green, environmental experience received major attention when drawing up the new plan.
It is scientifically proven that a green environment has a positive effect on stimulating the learning process among pupils.  
An amphitheatre was also constructed in the grounds. 

A particularly beautiful project from Aardoom Hoveniers, with Firmus representative Sjoerd van Boxtel present on the first day to supervise set-up of the FirmusPERGOLA.

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