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FirmusFIXED - safety first
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What makes Firmus gabions different from other gabions? The rounded corners! Safety is of top priority at Firmus Products, especially in projects or gardens where children will be playing. Gabions with sharp edges can pose a danger. That is why safety was an important consideration in developing the FirmusFIXED gabion, in which all edges are curved, including the cover plates. 

When Jan-Hein Stadhouders began considering the development of a new type of gabion in 2008 – after seeing plenty of models that did not meet his standards – this was one of the most important aspects. The gabion needed to be safe, with rounded corners, including the edges of the cover plates. Firmus gabions are now incorporated by countless designers and are a popular design element used by project developers and landscapers in gardens and other projects.

What makes our gabions so unique is not only the rounded corners, but also the materials used: Galfan (non-corrosive), a wire thickness of 5 mm, a mesh size of 5 x 5 cm and, equally as important, anti-warping rods! This makes our gabions extremely strong and ensures that they retain their shape year after year. We dare claim that a Firmus gabion made from Galfan will last at least 25 years. In other words, we offer quality with a very long life span. Nor do we hesitate to claim that Firmus gabions/stone baskets are among the best in Europe. And that is something we are proud of! Since the spot-welded wire mesh used for our stone baskets is made of this extremely high-quality steel, we may not be the cheapest alternative, but definitely the best one! Besides, a costly investment does not necessarily come at the expense of performance. You are better off getting it right the first time.

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This project was carried out by Stadhouders Hoveniers landscapers at Stichting Arboretum & Natuurbeleving Geffen.

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