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About us

Firmus Products is a company that focuses on sustainable, ready-to-use products for both the private and commercial markets.
You too can achieve a professional finish by using our top quality gabions, Sedum roofing, ready-to-use grass tiles, green cladding and green soundproofing.

Director Jan-Hein Stadhouders: “From my gardening services company, I kept in touch with products that I thought could be improved. Some from a practical perspective, ready-to-use, but occasionally by being of better quality or simply by being priced more favourably”. ‘Bulging’ stone gabions were a complete eyesore to him. His passion and quest for quality resulted in the creation of Firmus Products B.V. in 2008.
Since then, Firmus Products has established a trading network of more than 50 specialised retailers across Europe.

From ready-to-use gabions/stone gabions/rock baskets with unique features, to easy to manage products like Sedum roof cassettes, grass cladding cassettes, the innovative green soundproof wall and various cladding systems.

All of them sustainable Firmus-products you can use to decorate and beautify your environment for years to come.

We’d be delighted to help you create and develop your plans.
Our FIRMUS-team is ready and waiting.