gabions on sheet piling

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gabions on sheet piling
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FirmusPARTNER Visio Vireo Steenbergen used FirmusFIXED 50x100cm when creating a waterside garden along the waterside of ‘De Boomvaart’ in Welberg in the Netherlands. The gabions were placed on top of the sheet-piled bank and also provide seating. John Bijlsma reports: “The garden looks big, but isn’t so large in reality. In cases like this I look for multifunctional solutions. My clients were also very taken with the idea of gabions. FIRMUS Gabions are ideal for multifunctional application. The Gabions form an attractive barrier between garden and water and also function as inviting seating elements with a seating surface of planed Bankirai planks.”

A great project – using FIRMUS Gabions! Our thanks to John Bijlsma (Visio Vireo) for sharing this information.

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