green carpark of FirmusGRASS

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green carpark of FirmusGRASS
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Hego Hommerts supplies FirmusGRASS

Last year our FirmusPARTNER, Hego Hommerts, supplied ready-to-use FirmusGRASS grass tiles for the construction of a green carpark at a camping site in Workum.
Councils are increasingly requiring owners to restrict rainwater retention to their own property. And Ready-to-use FirmusGRASS grass tiles offer a solution for heavy rainfall, as they are 100% water permeable.

Firmus Products also provide water buffering. FirmusSEDUM ready-to-use green roof cassettes offer water-buffering capacity and, like FirmusGRASS, provide an immediate green effect. Many councils offer subsidies for the installation of green roofs.

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