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Another step upwards

Lundi 19 décembre 2016

Another step upwards

Pride in partnership:
the FirmusPARTNER network

Our partner network continues to grow steadily, with 62 FirmusPARTNERS in the Netherlands, 6 in Belgium, 12 sales outlets in Germany and one in beautiful Denmark. We are proud of our PARTNER network!

Our network is a sign of trust in the excellence of our products, for which quality will continue to be our key objective. Meanwhile the prospects for 2017 are looking good and business confidence is back in the Netherlands. Seven ‘lean years’ are behind us – years in which we nevertheless did relatively well. Now, looking forward to the coming year with positive expectations, we hope for all of us that it’s the first of seven good ones.

We wish you all a step upwards – every year.

And we wish you an inspired, creative and – above all – healthy and happy 2017!