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Firmus-partners showered with prizes

Wednesday 22 October 2014

No fewer than three Firmus-green partners (gardeners) received prizes at the 2014 Tuinen Festival at De Tuinen in Appeltern! John Bijlsma and Jelle Reeder of Visio Vireo Tuinen in Steenbergen provided the Best Design 2014. Arjan Fokker of Fokker Hoveniersbedrijf won the Most Inspiring Design award, and Eric van der Loo of Van der Loo Hoveniers was praised for constructing the garden with the Best Use of Materials of the Daniëlle Hulsebos Garden Design Company.

We wholeheartedly congratulate our Firmus-partners with het Gouden Potlood. And of course, we challenge them to incorporate even more Firmus-products in their designs next time. We will happily supply any of the above for this purpose.